The day has finally come: your website is complete, and the whole world can now see how great of a business you are! Does this mean you will never need to update the website again? No it does not, and that is ok. Realistically, most businesses DO need to make small changes every once in awhile to keep their website up-to-date. We don’t think it is fair to nickle and dime you for each change you want to make, so here at Everything Websites, we offer website edits/changes each month with your website package service!

How to Make a Request

In short, we will need to know: the page link to edit, what to edit and where on the page to make the edit. In order to ensure you get the most out of this time, we ask that you use the following guidelines for requesting your website edits:

  1. Who – Send all edits in a single email to
    (An email allows us to keep edits accurate and documented.)
  2. Where – Include a link to the page(s) where the edits are needed:
    (For example: Edit the page:
  3. Where #2 – Give a description of where on the page the edits are taking place. The more precise, the better! For example:
    • The paragraph under the “Boats” heading near the top of the page.
    • The image towards the bottom of the page of a person swimming.
    • The text near the middle of the page under the “Vacation” heading.
  4. What – Give specific details on what you want edited/changed.
    • If changing text, copy/paste the complete old text and complete new text, so that we can then copy/paste it into the website.
      • For example: Replace the text: “I love my new website and it is great!” with the new text “I love my awesome new website and it is great to have!”
      • No need to tell us the specific words that are different, just give us the entire old paragraph and entire new paragraph.
    • If we are replacing an image with another, please be specific. Identify the image that is being replaced, and the image it is to be replaced with. For example:
      • Please remove the image of the person swimming, and replace it with the image of the person driving a boat (see attached image).
      • All images should be included as attachments, not inserted into the body of the email.

Example Edit Request

Here is an example of what a clear and specific “Edit Request Email” would like:


We would like to request a couple of edits to our website. Please let us know if you have questions.

  • First change – On this page:
    In the paragraph below the title “Boats”; Please change the text “Let’s go boating” to “Lets go boating with a brand new boat!”
  • Second change – On this page:
    The image near the top of the page of the man swimming; Please replace that image with the image of a man driving a boat (see attached, titled: man driving boat).

– Thank you!

Turn Around Time-frames

Once we receive your email with all the necessary information, we can make the website edits. We must have all of the necessary info, before starting the edit work. We want to make sure you receive the best quality service; this process ensures nothing will be missed in your requests!

  • Edits are generally completed within 1-2 business days, unless they are not clear and more information is needed.
  • If we can do the edit in less than 1 hour, we definitely will (we are not in the business of trying to charge for every little edit).

Request Limitations

Please note that if you have a monthly plan with us and it includes free edits to your websites, there are limitations. Mainly on the amount of time you are allotted for free edits and also that you get only a few requests per month. Grouping your requests all into one email is important. Review our Terms of Service for details of your plan.

Grouping your requests all into one email will save you money and get the work done much faster.