Website/Domain Renewal Scam Letters From iDNS:

A few HitBridge clients have received letters from a fraudulent domain registrar called “iDNS”. These letters, or “notices”, are often very vague and look like an official notice about your website domain name. They will actually even have your website domain name in them and appear is if from HitBridge (related to us). It may contain your name, business, address and looks like an invoice. But it is fake!

As your website provider, we believe it is important to notify you that while this letter appears legitimate, it is merely a solicitation disguised as a domain renewal invoice. The companies who send these letters, like iDNS, use this malicious attempt to convince you into transferring and renewing your domain with them. However, their rates are as high as 4x the market rate for domains.

What to do if you get a letter?

Disregard this letter/notice if you are a current HitBridge “Website Subscription” client (meaning you pay us monthly for your website). Well technically everyone should ignore it, but we can’t speak for everyone :)

We monitor the domain name and the expiration date of our customer’s websites (that we create). HitBridge includes your domain name renewal with most monthly website subscriptions. Or if not included, with your website subscription, you elected to own your own domain and you are paying a legitimate registrar (i.e. GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc..). Therefore there is no need to worry about these iDNS letters.

Example of iDNS Letter:

idns domain name expiration scam